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Water Treatment Plant

There is a growing global water crisis, millions of people lack access to safe or disinfected drinking water or living in countries with limited water reserves. Population and urban growth, added to the increase in pollution, are generating greater amounts of toxic wastewater, which represents a serious threat to health and the environment.

It is essential to promote water consumption savings in all types of processes (industry, agriculture, others.) and increase the capacity of wastewater treatment plants. However, this last objective can be very complex due to the required permits, high costs and deadlines. It is necessary to seek more efficient and sustainable solutions that allow for reducing the operational costs of treatment plants and/or increasing their capacity more quickly and effectively.

Wadis is here to revolutionize all kinds of water and wastewater treatment and disinfection global market, a highly polluting market that urgently needs economical, ecological, effective, and efficient solutions.

Currently, the existing technologies and systems for water treatment are not adequate and are inefficient in controlling odors and minimizing environmental impact. Current water treatment systems do not achieve satisfactory results in terms of mitigating the environmental damage caused by water treatment and, available technologies do not offer effective solutions either.

It is urgent to take concrete measures to reduce the environmental impact of this industry and transform it into a less polluting, more ecological and sustainable sector. For this, it is essential to adopt cleaner and more responsible practices and technologies to protect our environment and guarantee a better future for future generations.

Watewater Treatmen Plant

We are committed to providing simple, affordable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions for all kinds of water treatment, in order to lead the way towards a greener and cleaner future.

WADIS  water treatment

The WADIS objective is to revolutionize the global market for water and wastewater treatment and disinfection, a highly polluting market that urgently requires economic, ecological, effective and efficient solutions. To achieve this, WADIS has developed unique, innovative and disruptive electrical pulse discharge (ED) based technologies, patented worldwide, which are ecological and chemical free.

These technologies allow WADIS to offer innovative, high performance and highly efficient, low cost and maintenance equipment for water treatment and disinfection, exceptional in the world that in an ecological way and without the use of chemicals are very effective and achieve a very high efficiency in the treatment and disinfection of water in all types of water treatment systems at a lower treatment cost and achieving greater water savings.

The technologies developed by WADIS are the first completely economical, intelligent and non-polluting solutions in the world that allow for effective water treatment and disinfection, at a lower treatment cost and with greater water savings.

The equipment are applicable to a wide range of water treatment systems, including sludge, wastewater, industrial wastewater, and more, and has a broad range of applications in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemical, aquaculture, ballast water, and mining, to mention a few.

By incorporating WADIS equipment, with the technologies patented throughout the world by the company, in water, wastewater, and disinfection treatment systems, it is possible to reduce water consumption and improve the viability of recycling water in all types of processes (industrial, agriculture, etc.), maintaining good environmental conditions, in addition to significantly reducing the total cost of water treatment and increasing considerably water savings considerably.

water treatment systems

The technology developed by WADIS comes to change the rules of the game in a traditional market that does not adapt to global requirements and lacks easy, cheap and effective solutions.

Wadis, economical, ecological, effective, and efficient solutions.

WADIS' already tested technologies have shown to be an effective solution to address the environmental and water crisis that affects millions of people around the world. These technologies, developed using advanced techniques, have allowed for the efficient and sustainable management of water resources, reducing the environmental impact of water consumption and achieving a positive impact on society and the environment.

At Wadis, we are committed to providing sustainable and cost-effective water treatment solutions, and we look forward to leading the way towards a cleaner and greener future.

All of this makes WADIS, and its equipment, an unmatched solution in terms of efficiency and price in the global market, making a significant contribution to addressing the global environmental and water crisis.

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