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The WADIS goal is to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions through its innovative and excellent equipment for all types of water treatment systems in order to reduce the cost of treatment and increase water savings in all types of processes worldwide, to provide an effective solution to the environmental and water crisis in order to contribute to maintaining good environmental conditions in the world.

Wadis is an Israeli private company that developed unique, innovative, and disruptive technologies based on high-voltage and high frequency electrical pulse discharges, which are extremely environmentally friendly and chemical-free. WADIS' patented technologies  are the world's first completely cost-effective, intelligent, and non-polluting technologies.

WADIS' technologies were developed with the purpose of providing unique and highly efficient innovative equipment for the treatment and disinfection of water and wastewater. Thanks to these technologies, WADIS is able to offer low-cost and maintenance, unique high-performance equipment for water, wastewater, and disinfection systems that, in an ecological way and without the use of chemicals, are very effective in the treatment and disinfection of water, eliminating a wide range of microorganisms and micro-contaminants, at a lower cost of treatment achieving very excellent results in water treatment and disinfection, and also greater water savings in all types of water treatment systems, from water with high turbidity and organic loads to potable water.

Wadis equipment are currently used for the following application areas:

• Sludge treatment

• Disinfection of water and wastewater

• Removal of micropollutants in wastewater

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