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Wadis was chosen by Israel Foreign Trade Economic Affairs to present its technologies to a delegation of the UTAH State coming to Israel at the end of March 2023. Also selected to participate at a Water Meeting Supplier that will be unfold in Phoenix Arizona in October 2023.

Wadis has signed an Exclusivity representative agreement with INDUS WATER INSTITUTE for all Indian market (February 2023).

WADIS is working to establish a Joint Venture with Shiba Hospital – Tel Aviv University in order to build and operate an AOP/EPOP system at the Oncology Department of Shiba Hospital, with the aiming to eliminate all the polluting materials and cleaning and recycling the effluent water of the above mentioned Department.


WADIS received a purchase order for 2 equipment for the WWTP Netanya, operated by Electra Greentech (operates 12 WWTPs in Israel). ( )

WADIS has installed a Pilot System at WWTP Kfar Saba. After 6 months the achieved results are better than expected.

Nextleap Ventures (NLV) invested and becomes a new WADIS partner (November 2020).

Wadis has been invited to participate in the 6th peach event by Next Leap VC, reached the 3rd place out of more than 1000 startups (September 2020).

Wadis EPOP (Electric Advanced Oxidation Process) pilot system began operating at the Shafdan WWTP as part of a joint project with Mekorot (Israel National Water Supply Co.), after receiving very encouraging results on a prototype under the Aqua Nes - European Horizon 2020 framework (September 2019).

With the decomposition and disinfection of micro-pollutants from secondary effluent water through advanced oxidation achieved by discharging electrical pulses WADIS got  IIA (Israel Innovation Authority ) - 67888 funded grant (September 2019).

Final concluding Aqua Nes Consortium meeting in Berlin. The process of treating secondary effluent after bio-filtration in the Shafdan for water reuse using the innovative Wadis EPOP system seems to show very promising results. (April 2019).

A South American group invests in a financing round, forming Wadis Latam, who will be in charge of the development and distribution of the business in South America (December 2018).

Wadis AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) prototype system began operating in the Shafdan WWTP as part of a joint project with Mekorot, and within the Aqua Nes - European Commission framework (October 2018).

Wadis began a new project supported by IIA (Israel Innovation Authority): wastewater disinfection via high voltage electrical pulse discharge (October 2018).

With the disinfection of effluents using patented technology of discharging high-voltage electrical pulses in water Wadis got OCS (The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor's Office of the Chief Scientist) -64521 grant (October 2018).

By demonstrating Synergies in Combined Natural and Engi-neered Processes for Water Treatment Systems, WADIS got  the H2020 Aqua Nes (European Committee Grant Agreement No. 689450)  (June 2016).

WADIS obtained a grant financed by the Israeli Ministry of Energy by

Demonstration system for saving and energy efficiency through sludge treatment.(January 2016).

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