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Image by Francesco Ungaro


Wadis' equipment came to change the rules of the game in a very traditional market that has not adapted to global requirements and lacks economical, simple, and effective solutions.

  • Less space required

Our systems are built in a 20 foot containers. Competitors require 10 times the area to operate.

  • Fast

Quick installation and easy operation. Our system is operational in just 3 months, while a new plant takes years to be ready.


  • More efficient

They are the only ones that increase the efficiency and  capacity of the plant.


  • Suitable for all types of plants

Competitors only work with either very large (less than 20% from the market)  or very small plants.


  • The cheapest

Lower installation and maintenance costs compared to competitors.


  • Less energy required

The most economical in energy consumption.


  • Non-polluting

The only ones that do not use chemicals or additives. Reduces carbon emissions.

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