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WADIS technological equipment are designed in standard containers, occupies little space, and are easy and fast to install and operate. The systems are modular, and their size depends on the volume of water to be treated. In addition, WADIS equipment offers an unmatched solution in terms of efficiency, price, and results. In other words, WADIS equipment is economical, intelligent, efficient, and easy to use, significantly contributing to addressing the environmental and water crisis facing the world.

The technologies developed by WADIS, based on electric pulse discharge (ED), allow the company to offer Unique, highly efficient, and innovative equipment for water treatment and disinfection. These equipment are the only ones that can be highly efficient and effective in an economically and environmentally friendly way in all types of water treatment and disinfection processes, resulting in lower treatment costs and greater water savings.


WADIS equipment offers easy, economical, and highly effective solutions because:

• They are low cost and low maintenance, with very low installation costs for WWTP (wastewater treatment plants).

• They are easy and quick to install, and very simple to operate, allowing them to start functioning immediately.    

• They require less space, as they can be housed in 20′ containers.

• They are suitable for plants that handle from 25,000 m3 to 150,000 m3 per day.

• They require less energy to operate, which reduces costs.

• They improve efficiency, treatment quality, and plant capacity.

• They are non-polluting and are the only ones that do not use chemicals products or other additives.


WADIS equipment features patented technologies worldwide and can currently be used for various processes such as:

• Wastewater and sludge treatment.

• Water and wastewater treatment and disinfection.

• Removal of micropollutants in wastewater.


The incorporation of WADIS equipment (with intelligent technologies) in water, wastewater and disinfection treatment systems offers the following benefits:

• Increase in plant capacity.

• Increase in biogas production.

• Decrease in evacuated solids.

• Reduction of bad environmental odors.

• Significant reduction in water consumption in all types of processes.

• Improvement in the feasibility of water recycling in processes.

• Decrease in carbon emissions.

• Significant reduction in the total cost of water treatment and considerable increase water savings.

All this is achieved while maintaining good environmental conditions in any type of process.

wadis equipment
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