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Applications and market

Currently, it is urgent to reduce water consumption in all types of processes in order to make this industry less polluting, more ecological and sustainable. WADIS is the ideal solution for the water treatment industry, thanks to its innovative technology and equipment applicable to all types of water treatment, disinfection and reuse systems that offer an efficient and highly effective solution to reduce water consumption in all of these processes, effectively and sustainably, and avoiding subsequent contamination.

WADIS is an unmatched solution in efficiency and price in the industry, with which it is possible to achieve more sustainable processes with less environmental impact, which is essential nowadays, when the world is facing a growing water and environmental crisis that is becoming increasingly evident.

WADIS equipment features patented technologies worldwide and can currently be used for various processes such as:

• Wastewater and sludge treatment.

• Water and wastewater treatment and disinfection.

• Removal of micropollutants in wastewater.

These equipment have a wide variety of applications in different municipal and industrial systems, including:

• Sludge pretreatment (digestion efficiency and additional volume reduction).

• Improved sludge dehydration (volume reduction).

• Disinfection and sterilization of sludge (Class B → Class A - complete disinfection).

• Wastewater treatment (UV replacement).

• Secondary and tertiary effluents.

• Hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories.

• Aquaculture.

• Mining.

• Paints.

• Chemicals.

• Herbicides.

• Ballast water.

• Food and beverages.

• All other types of processes that utilize wáter.

With WADIS, it is possible to achieve a more ecological and sustainable industry while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Join the water treatment and disinfection revolution today and be part of the change


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