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wadis technologies


Wadis' innovative and patented technologies are the only ones in the world that are completely economical, intelligent, and non-polluting, enabling effective water treatment and disinfection at a lower cost and with greater water savings. This makes them the ideal solution to handle today's economic and environmental challenges around the world.

WADIS has developed innovative and disruptive technologies, with high performance and high efficiency, patented worldwide, which are used in innovative, unique, and highly efficient equipment for all types of water treatment systems. These technologies are based on the discharge of high-voltage and high frequency electrical pulses and are economical, efficient, and highly effective. In addition, they are suitable for applications with high turbidity and high organic loads, and they are ecological as they do not generate pollution.

Based on the above-mentioned technologies (ED), the process is capable to generate strong shockwaves, high light radiation, high magnetic and electric fields, free radicals, cavitation and very high temperatures. This process culminates in the destruction of microorganisms, allowing the water to be effectively treated and disinfected.

Wadis technologies are highly environmentally friendly, since they do not use chemicals, ozone, heat, pressure, etc., and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. The technologies developed by WADIS are the first completely cost-effective, intelligent, and non-polluting solutions in the world, allowing for effective water treatment and disinfection at a lower treatment cost and with greater water savings.

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