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WADIS works to find effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions that reduce the environmental impact of water treatment processes, to ensure the conservation of the environment and protect people's health.

• Cost-effective technologies that allow for efficient and effective water treatment and disinfection at a lower cost.

• For all types of water treatment systems, like municipals plants, industrials facilities, and more.

• High-performance and highly efficient water treatment technologies.

• These technologies are non-polluting, environmentally friendly, and do not use chemicals. In addition, they achieve great water savings along with a reduction in carbon emissions.

• These technologies have a low/no generation of DBP (disinfection by-products), making them safer and more beneficial to human health.

• Suitable for applications with high turbidity, unlike UV technology.

• Suitable for applications with high organic loads.

• They are easy and simple to operate.

WADIS technologies have a vast field of application and are truly a significant advancement for all types of industries where water must to be treated and recycled to protect environmental conditions. These already tested technologies have proven to enable efficient and sustainable management of water resources, reducing the environmental impact of water consumption and generating a positive effect on the environment, making it an effective solution for the global water crisis.

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